Cosmetic Gyneacology

You will find specialized care with resolving the following cosmetic problems:


Clitoral enlargement

In cases where there is insufficient stimulation of the clitoral area during intercourse, then the area can be enlarged so that it is more available for stimulation. In fact, this procedure is not an actual enlargement but an uplift and therefor an optical enlargement.

G-Spot Amplification

A painless and fast outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthetic, where a special preparation based on hyaluronic acid is injected just under the G-Spot. Women who previously can only achieve clitoral orgasm can finally achieve vaginal orgasm as a result of the procedure.

Narrowing / Strengthening of the vaginal entrance

In situations where the sexual experience is reduced, for example, after giving birth or injuries to the vagina and the perineum.

It is possible to strengthen the vaginal entrance by using surgical sutures to narrow it, so that in the long-term sexual experiences are restored.

Bringing labia together

Either for cosmetic reasons or as a result or recurring infections, hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to bring the two labia closer together, thereby reducing the vaginal entrance.

Clitoral Hoodectomy

The clitoris is commonly hidden beneath a fold of skin, called the clitoral hood (preputium clitoridis). With the help of filler techniques or surgical sutures, the hood is lifted and this will reveal the clitoris. In addition to being done as a cosmetic correction, it also results in a better chance of clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse.

Atrophy of Labia Majora

Loss of adipose tissue in the labia may result in varying degrees of ‘wrinkling’ of the external genitalia. Injectable fillers may again be used to achieve an instant improvement in the size and volume of the labia. In this case, the fillers can also be used in conjunction with surgical sutures.

Asymmetry of Labia Majora

Fillers can be used to achieve the the missing volume of the labia minora, thus achieving both cosmetic correction and the restoration in appearance of the labia.

Asymmetry of labia minora

With less asymmetry, two solutions are possible. A Labiaplasty can be performed, where the surplus tissue of the labia majora are surgically removed. Alternately the enlargement of the labia minora can be achieved by injecting hyaluronic acid under local anaesthetic.

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