All gynecological examinations are performed on a comfortable positioning chair Golem which is easily adjustable for height and position. Golem products are EU-registered and meet all the necessary safety requirements.

Preventive Examinations

Colposcopy and cytological examinations can help to detect the early stages of cervical precancerosis. 

All ultrasonic examinations are performed using the top of the range Samsung H60 system. 

We also offer breast cancer screenings and STD tests.


Individual Consulting

We offer counselling on contraception, including hormonal contraception and a wide range of other intrauterine devices of your choice. We also offer Preconception Counselling, Infertility Examinations, and Ovulation Induction treatment. 

We advise in the treatment of Urinary incontinence, including training in pelvic floor muscle exercises.


Diagnosis, Treatment and Vaccinations

The diagnosis and treatment of Vulvovaginitis. We administer vaccination against HPV using the Gardasil vaccine. 

 Referral to an abortion provider, assist with the application to UPT.

Hormonal Replacement Therapy for relieving menopausal symptoms.


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