Laser Treatments

We are one of the very few facilities in the Czech Republic that has a state-of-the-art CO2 fractional laser. This new type of laser device allows for the most gentle, accurate and time-effective procedures without the need for local anaesthesia.

Removal of Cosmetic Defects

We can remove skin warts, birthmarks, genital warts, verrucas, cervical warks and other skin growths. It is also be used to remove stretch marks and scars!

Treatments are fast and painless, requiring minimal recovery time.

Rejuvenation of Skin, Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

The fractional laser gently removes the top layer of the skin, which is then replaced by a younger layer of cells. The result is a tightening of the skin, smoothing of wrinkles and stretch marks and the overall improvement of the appearance of the skin. This effect is also long lasting.

Elimination of Gynaecological Problems

The fractional laser can be extremely effective even in intimate areas. Such treatments include Vaginal Rejuvenation, and genital and perianal lightening where an even skin tone to the rest of the body can be achieved.

New – Laser Hair Removal!

 Say goodbye to shaving! We offer laser epilation using the top of the range Epilia laser and the first test treatment is completely FREE!

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